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Problem Manager (GYG01)




  • Start: 2nd of May
  • Period: end of 2024 with probable extension
  • Remote: full
  • Role: Infrastructure Engineer-heavy, not web app type tasks
  • Project: there is a ticketing system where the business areas (40 countries) communicate about prio1 errors/incidents that are escalated by the business because they are critical. The technical project/incident management of these tasks is in a highly international environment. Good to know that the scope of tasks is larger, because prio 2-3 type of problems are also escalated here.
  • Seniority: senior L1 - senior L3


  • Structured Problem Investigations: Conduct structured and thorough problem investigations, utilizing analytical tools and methodologies to identify root causes and address complex issues while ensuring a structured and collaborative approach to problem resolution.
  • Problem Record Management: Create problem records related to incidents, proactive concerns, and preventive actions. Generate Requests for Change (RFC) to proactively address potential IT errors associated with complex incidents.
  • Documentation and Knowledge Sharing: Document and share proactive measures, preventive strategies, and solutions with the IT support team to build a knowledge base (Known Error Database) for efficient incident resolution.
  • Collaboration and Process Enhancement: Work closely with incident management and change management process owners to enhance the problem management process, adapting to the growing complexity of incidents.
  • Policy Development and Maintenance: Develop and maintain comprehensive process policies for problem management, emphasizing roles and responsibilities associated with handling complex incidents.
  • Proactive and Preventive Problem Management: Implement proactive measures for problem management, focusing on preventing incidents through trend analysis, pattern recognition, and the identification of potential issues before they escalate.
  • Reporting: Take proactive measures in creating reports to clients and the company's Business Management, providing insights into the status of problem management, key performance indicators, and recommendations for improvement.
  • Continuous Improvement: Actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the problem management process, adapting methodologies to address emerging challenges. Compliance with area-specific customer requirements


  • English: fluent - min. C1
  • Min. 6-7 years of experience in Problem Management
  • Understanding of IT Infrastructure, systems, technologies
  • ITIL
  • Problem management with a focus on addressing the growing complexity of incidents
  • Analyzing the root causes of problems
  • Proficiency in industry standards and implementing
  • Strong analytical and process improvement skills
  • Strong problem-solving and effective communication skills
  • Knowledge of Service Management tools
  • Experience in Customer Management


  • Service Now
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