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Scalable solution for the management of Enterprise Internal Project Portfolios.

"Business Eye" or B.eye for short, is Abesse's patented, scalable application designed for the effective management of large-scale corporate internal project portfolios, covering the entire process from initial requirements to final accounting.

Achieve maximum visibility and control over your enterprise

Looking for a globally available solution for managing large-scale corporate internal project portfolios from initial requirements to final accounting? This is what B.eye can offer!


Key Features:

  1. Project Request and Planning: Capture and track project requests, manage budgets, and identify intervention points.

  2. Professional Task Coverage: Document project ideas, manage portfolios, and maintain documents in a SharePoint repository.

  3. Resource and Financial Planning: Plan resources, allocate time, and account for costs.

  4. Detailed Project Execution: Monitor equipment, subcontractor, and labor costs, and manage resources and time reporting.

  5. Subcontractor Management: Support fixed-price and T&M billing, reducing administrative efforts.

  6. Integrated Portfolio Management: Manage capacity needs, identify bottlenecks, and integrate with existing systems.

  7. Earned Value Management: Provide forecasts for costs, progress, and schedules.

  8. Tools for Project Managers: Update statuses and identify issues promptly.

  9. Customized Reporting: Offer real-time, role-based, customizable reports for decision-making.

Features and benefits

B.eye efficiently manages the entire Lead to Cash (L2C) process, offering a monitoring system with automatic warnings and a customizable analysis module for timely decision-making. Ideal for companies managing 30+ projects and employing 50+ people, B.eye supports industries like IT, consulting, marketing, and law firms.

Highly flexible, B.eye can be tailored to fit existing business processes. Our team offers expert support for implementation and customization, ensuring the solution meets your specific needs.

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