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Abesse Future Program

Abesse Future Program – Start your future with us!!

The goal of the Abesse Future program is to find our new colleagues. The saying states that you can gain ten years of experience by ten years of hard work. Bur the quality of that ten years really matters.


In the Abesse Future Program you will have access to the innovations that can complement to your studies perfectly, and, in parallel you will learn to apply them at the skill level in a professional corporate environment. This is a lot of work and it is not easy! You will get every opportunity, and if you can take advantage of them, if you are dedicated enough, you will gain very valuable industry-leading knowledge and experience in the field of professional enterprise software development.


You will be a full-fledged member of one of our DevOps teams, where, by completing real life tasks, you can experience what it is like to work on a complex, enterprise level project.


The first two months of the program are about learning with the help of online courses and field specific practice tasks. The purpose of this is to familiarize you with the basic tools, technologies we provide our services with.


At the end of the two months, after a successful evaluation discussion – it is important that both you and Abesse feel that this is a prosperous cooperation – you will be included in a project team, where you can further develop your knowledge in actual practical projects and services by solving real customer tasks.


We provide you with a dedicated professional mentor, who will support you in your internship

  • Our mentors help you to learn how to use our tools. (Teams, Outlook, Azure Devops Server board, GIT, EA, Rappid, etc.)

  • You will receive support in deepening your knowledge and proficiency in standard technologies as well as getting to know their specifics

  • If you work on the same project, your mentor will show you its relevant details (its scope and technical architecture, DevGuide, CI/CD process, documents, project events and participants, etc.)

  • If you do not work on the same project, your mentor will support your progress by building your relationship with the project’s lead developer.


We are proud of the knowledge Abesse accumulated in the 20 years of being a key member of the IT development market. Professional workshops are held by our colleagues on occasion. On these events current and relevant technologies and actualities of the IT sphere are presented and discussed. We look forward to seeing you on these programs.


We believe in the importance of supporting you progress with concrete and objective feedback. During the program you will have your personal passport in which you can follow your projects, your goals and their joint evaluation.


Objective assessment is important also because during our internship program you can prove yourself at 3 grade levels, that has an impact on your hourly wage. 

You will spend at least  2,5-3 days a week with us. Balance is important, your studies at school are just as  important as your work here (after all, you are here now, because you attended the right courses)! Let us know in time and we will adapt flexibly to your studies during the exam period, we will cooperate to support you in this.


We take your commitments seriously not only towards Abesse, but also towards the school. If you started it, you have to finish it! We also plan so that you will finish according to plan!


Are you already thinking about the topic of your thesis? Feel free to contact your mentor or one of our senior colleagues, they will help you.

What are the requirements of submitting your application to us?

Especially if Abesse aroused your professional interest! The most important thing is to be motivated and want to learn! This is a professional workshop, it is important that you consider the time you spend here accordingly.

  • You should have an ongoing active or inactive student status

  • You should study C#; .Net; MS SQL; ASP.Net; SQL programming

  • You should have at least one semester left in your studies

If you are interested in our internship program, contact us at

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