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Powering the digital transformation for 47 million customers

E.ON Group, the leading powerhouse in Europe’s energy sector, operating extensive energy networks and infrastructure, faces several key challenges while tackling digitalisation initiatives. Abesse, as a key partner, supports E.ON in various key tactical areas such as Azure Cloud Platform solutions, Software Development, Application Support and providing providing Professional Resources.

Rapid development with ease 

Abesse has partnered with E.ON Group for over two decades, collaborating on numerous large-scale projects across various regions, including Germany, Hungary, the UK, and Scandinavia.

Solution and Approach:

Methodology: Both classic waterfall and agile methodologies for custom software development.
Azure Cloud Platform Solutions: Leveraged for enhanced scalability, performance, and reliability in cloud-native software development.

Key Initiatives:

  • Custom Software Development: Tailored projects to specific business needs, developed public portals, and utilized Azure Machine Learning for advanced analytics and predictive insights.

  • Support Services: Maintained and optimized critical business applications, provided cloud platform management services, and ensured uninterrupted operations.

  • Professional Resources: Supplied, during the lifetime of the contract, over 100 IT professionals, including project managers, business analysts, developers, and specialists in Salesforce and SAP, to meet project demands.

Results and benefits

Abesse's partnership with E.ON Digital Technology has led to significant improvements in E.ON's operations. Cloud and platform competence, Custom software development , support services, and the provision of professional resources have optimized E.ON's efficiency, reduced overall costs, and enhanced resource utilization.

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