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Construction Site

Enhanced digital experience for both employees and customers

Graphisoft is dedicated to empowering construction industry professionals, enabling them to plan and execute modern architectural projects with greater efficiency and innovation through advanced technology. The ultimate vision is to make Graphisoft's products and solutions accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. Success hinges on having the right tools, processes, and people aligned with this vision. Abesse plays a key role in accelerating Graphisoft's digitization efforts.

Driving digital transformation in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry

Abesse provides 15 expert resources in a Scaled Agile (SAFe) framework to support development and support teams at Graphisoft, offering flexible scaling based on current needs. These resources include project managers, architects, lead developers, developers, testers, and product owners.

Solution and Approach:

  • SAFe Framework: Supports development processes with flexible scaling based on current needs.

  • Azure Cloud Platform Solutions: Implemented for cloud-based subscription licensing and identity management.

Key Initiatives:

  • Enhanced Buyer Experience: Improved user experience for browsing and purchasing Graphisoft products globally.

  • Learning Portal Project: Enhanced Graphisoft's official knowledge and education portal.

  • Digital Asset Management Project: Developed a system on SharePoint Online for efficient document and asset distribution.

  • SaaS Transition: Supported Graphisoft's transition to a subscription-based business model, aligning closely with their commercial strategy to expedite revenue growth.

Results and benefits

For Graphisoft, it is strategically imperative that their products and services are accessible worldwide, catering to their 120,000 clients across any device, at any time. Empowering customers with streamlined e-commerce platforms generates increased annual revenue. Ensuring an optimal customer experience and maintaining competitiveness pose significant challenges, necessitating innovative technological solutions that contribute to Graphisoft's global success.

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