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What can we offer?

Friendly and supportive atmosphere

It is especially important for us to work as a cohesive and friendly team. We like spending time together after work as well on sport events, Abesse Café or other team building activities. We celebrate our succeses together.
We welcome our colleagues on the breakfast of newly joined we present the loyalty award and announce the Super Heroes and the Team of the Year based on the nominatoin of the colleagues.

Hybrid working

The recent period proved, that we are efficient at working from home, but is is just as important to see our colleagues in person. Therefore we decided to work in the hybrid model. Usually we work from the office 2 days a week and you can work from home for the rest of the week if you wish.

Professional workshop and opportunity to improve

We provide service mostly for large enterprises. We develop and deploy applications with a long term maintenance to provide solution for exciting business challenges. We work in DevOps teams armoured with state-of-the-art technologies and the possibility of continous improvement.
On the performance reviews not only your recent performance is evaluated, but your professional future is also discussed and planned with your manager. This is how your personal improvement plan is created.
We are committed to give you tasks that are within your reach and on your current level, so you can improve the most efficient way.


Besides the monthly salary, our employees are covered by Union Healthcare Plan. This means, in case of a illness, you are provided with private medical services for free. We are partnered with Buda Health Center, where you can take advantage of psychological consulting anonimously. For our colleagues and their families, we provide special holiday opportunity at lake Balaton.

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