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Digitalisation of payroll and human resources service provider

Nexon, serving over 3,000 clients and 1,000,000 users, aims to deliver exceptional human resources management solutions. To achieve this goal, Abesse was contracted to provide expert teams to design, develop, and test new modules for Nexon’s independent product, Nexon4. The challenge was to enhance workflow capabilities, develop a customizable document generation tool, and create multiple reports to assist employer companies with data analytics, ensuring client satisfaction.

Rapid development with ease 

Nexon collaborated with Abesse to create a comprehensive outsource client portal, addressing security threat management, employee shift allocation, and corporate search functionalities. The portal features robust document and data exchange, task tracking, role management, workflow control, and case and event management, supporting over 500 external partners. An e-onboarding module was integrated for seamless orientation processes.


Solution and Approach:

  • Methodology: Agile project methodology, ensuring meticulous coordination of operations and work cultures.

  • Rapid Custom Software Development: Enhanced Nexon's capability to deliver superior digital channels.

Key Initiatives:

  • Portal Features: Managed notifications, service parameters, and generated insightful reports.

  • Innovation: Developed a revolutionary product, transforming Nexon’s organizational capabilities.

  • Reporting: Created bespoke data driven reporting solutions enhancing visibility

Results and benefits

Abesse improved Nexon's Nexon4 product with enhanced workflow capabilities and a customizable document generation tool. The close software development collaboration, based on rapid approach, ensured quick adaptation and timely achievement of project goals. The e-onboarding module streamlined orientation, reducing integration time. Abesse's solutions optimized Nexon's operations, reduced overall costs, and enhanced resource utilization. The partnership transformed Nexon's offerings and organization, positioning them for future success with superior digital channels and improved total cost of ownership.

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