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Gas Plant

Robots that work harder, so people can work better

Abesse led a transformation project that set MOL up for success with our comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) expertise. Starting with in-depth process analysis, outlining a robust RPA framework, and seamlessly implementing automation, we streamlined operations, reduced costs, and enhanced accuracy. Investing in automation has yielded sustained growth for MOL.

Abesse delivering results from insight to implementation

MOL partnered with Abesse to enhance its operations through comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ensuring high quality, reliability, and efficiency. The goal was to automate numerous processes that previously required extensive manual labor, transforming them into fully autonomous operations.

Solution and Approach:

  • Initial Assessment: We evaluated existing processes (four completed during the internal pilot, with two in live operation), then rewrote them for greater stability and performance.

  • RPA Framework Development: Abesse built an RPA framework, integrating it into MOL’s digital strategy, IT governance, and demand management processes. We defined IT development and security requirements, operational processes, roles, and responsibilities in the area of finance, SAP and customer care. This framework was developed collaboratively with the client’s experts and leaders.

  • Long-term Integration: Embedding the RPA framework into MOL's daily operations was crucial, ensuring compatibility with IT developments and business processes.


Key Initiatives:

  • Efficient Process Selection: We began selecting and automating new processes within the framework, focusing on those promising a good ROI.

  • RPA Execution with UiPath: Using UiPath, we implemented and managed 11 processes by 2020, including financial and accounting tasks, customer service tasks, and HR processes supporting employee offboarding.

Features and benefits

MOL, the leading Hungarian multinational oil and gas company, partnered with Abesse to revolutionize its operations through comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ensuring high standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency. The primary goal was to automate processes previously requiring extensive manual labor, transforming them into fully autonomous operations.

Abesse develops processes for MOL using UiPath’s recommendations and our refined methodology. This includes thorough assessments, process planning, and close collaboration with MOL’s experts and leaders. Our focus is on delivering scalable, configurable solutions based on the Abesse RPA framework, powered by UiPath's enterprise guidelines. Starting in 2024, Abesse is driving the creation of new back-office RPA processes.

During the automation of finance, SAP, and customer service processes, we emphasized that automation is a continuous mindset, not just a goal. With our RPA solutions, the universe of automation possibilities for MOL expanded significantly, positioning the company for sustained growth and innovation.

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