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A future-proof collaboration platform designed to enhance user efficiency

​Abesse led the modernization and streamlining of EON's SharePoint infrastructure, migrating multiple sources into a unified SP2019 environment. Abesse worked closely with various EON IT organizations to ensure the deployment of critical solutions. The challenge was to create a future-proof system that meets the diverse needs of EON's IT teams, enhancing efficiency and reliability across the board.

16 TB of content, 80000 Userbase, One Hybrid Platform

EON partnered with Abesse to modernize its IT infrastructure by migrating SharePoint content and services in a phased approach, from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016, and ultimately to SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online. Simple content was moved to SharePoint Online, while complex workflows and custom solutions remained on-premises, running on Azure virtual machines.

Solution and Approach:

  • Methodology: Migration was planned and executed in a two-step process, consolidating multiple sources into a unified SP2019 environment.

  • Team Collaboration: Abesse worked closely with multi-country EON IT teams to set up network configurations, firewalls, and other necessary adjustments. Collaboration with the Czech team was crucial for migrating custom solutions.

  • Automation and Support: PowerShell script packages were created to support and automate the migration of content and services.


Key Initiatives:

  • Unified Environment: Consolidated multiple sources into a single SP2019 environment for streamlined management and efficiency.

  • Automated Migration: Utilized PowerShell scripts for efficient and automated content and service migration.

  • On-Premises and Cloud Integration: Deployed complex content on-premises with Azure virtual machines, while simple content was moved to SharePoint Online for better scalability and accessibility.

Features and benefits

EON, with a goal to centralize and modernize its datacenters while cutting costs, sought partnership with Abesse for a seamless SharePoint migration. Abesse executed a phased approach, transitioning from SharePoint 2013 to 2016, and ultimately to SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online, taking full ownership of the initiative.

This migration consolidated multiple data sources into a unified SP2019 environment, maintained complex workflows on-premises using Azure virtual machines, and automated content migration through PowerShell scripts. The project yielded significant benefits, including cost reduction, improved data accessibility, enhanced user experience, and superior mobile access. Abesse successfully concluded the project within the stipulated timeframe and budget, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations and a future-proof system for EON.

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