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E-commerce portal that connects passengers

Wizz Air aims to deliver an exceptional commercial experience to its passengers. To achieve this goal, Abesse developed, deployed, and is managing a robust e-commerce portal in real-time, providing ongoing support and continuous improvement initiatives. The challenge was to create a simplified user experience with enhanced security and zero downtime, ensuring customer satisfaction and impressing Wizz Air stakeholders.

Serving 60.3 million passengers every year

Wizz Air prioritizes top-notch service and user experience, necessitating a high-quality e-commerce portal due to rapid growth and evolving customer needs. By 2024, Abesse's  web platforms helped establish Wizz Air's e-commerce interface as the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.


Solution and Approach:

  • Methodology: SAFe agile, with customer needs prioritized in sprints.

  • Easily Scalable Team: Over 50 professionals, including scrum masters, product owners, developers, and testers, ensured continuous feature improvements and revenue growth.

  • Microsoft Azure Automated Deployment and DevOps: environment consolidation, enhanced security


Key Initiatives:

  • Automated Deployment: Using Azure DevOps, enhanced security, migrated systems online, revamped authorization, and standardized workflows.

  • Automation and Quality Management: Implemented test-driven development, rigorous performance, security, and load testing, resulting in significant ROI.

Results and benefits

The development of the 8th most visited website and commercial interface in the world, generating a turnover of more than 5 billion EUR per year, is a serious challenge that Abesse successfully met. demonstrating its capabilities to be an ideal nearshore partner. The introduction of innovative digital services has played a major role in establishing Wizz Air as the number one ultra-low-cost airline in Europe.


Abesse's collaboration with Wizz Air demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-structured, agile and scalable approach to digital transformation. Through continuous improvement, innovation, and a strong focus on security and efficiency, Abesse has significantly contributed to Wizz Air's growth and success in the highly competitive aviation industry.

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